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Backed by more than 75 years of experience, A.T.E. is one of the finest organizations in India in manufacturing, industrial sales, distribution, and service. Operating in the diverse fields of textile engineering, cooling for people and processes, wastewater treatment, energy efficiency, print & packaging, and internet of things for industry solutions, A.T.E. serves a wide range of industries:

  • Auto and Auto Ancillaries
    Auto and Auto Ancillaries
  • Commercial
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Food & Beverages
    Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics & Moulding
    Plastics & Moulding
  • Power
  • Print & Packaging
    Print & Packaging
  • Sugar
  • Textile
  • Water
Engine assembly line cooling
An engine assembly line consists of a number of high precision, computer controlled machines which are operated by people. HMX’s cooling solutions supply 100% fresh, clean and cool air to maintain comfortable working conditions at an engine assembly line resulting in improved people productivity.
Body shop cooling
Production of a body shell involves assembling hundreds of steel and aluminum parts using techniques like gluing, riveting and welding. Fumes generated by welding can affect indoor air quality and create discomfort for the people working on the shop floor. HMX’s cooling solutions supply 100% fresh, clean, and cool air that not only improves indoor air quality substantially, but also helps reduce temperatures on the shop floor, leading to better working conditions which ultimately boosts productivity.
Paint booth cooling
Every painting process needs a particular temperature and RH to be maintained inside the paint booth to achieve excellent paint finish on metal surfaces. HMX’s cooling solutions help to maintain this desired temperature and RH inside a paint booth.
Inspection area cooling
Inspection areas use extremely bright lights to help people to easily locate defects on the surface of painted automobiles. These bright lights generate a fair amount of heat which can be uncomfortable for the people working in these areas. HMX’s cooling solutions help dissipate this heat and reduce temperatures, thus maintaining comfortable working conditions in these areas
Office cooling
Fresh, clean and cool air works wonders for the human body unlike the sometimes stale air from conventional refrigerant-based air-conditioning systems. Employees in an air-conditioned office are prone to sick building syndrome due to the absence of fresh air. HMX’s cooling solutions provide comfortable conditions for people in offices without compromising on their health.
Kitchen area ventilation
Large kitchens in hotels, restaurants, educational institutes and industries use huge ovens and burners to prepare food. The temperature inside these kitchens is always higher than the ambient which can be uncomfortable for the people working inside. Ventilation solutions from HMX provide much needed relief to the kitchen staff by providing 100% fresh, cool and clean air.
Auditorium cooling
Audiences in air-conditioned auditoriums can experience drowsiness and lethargy due to lack of fresh air. Cooling solutions from HMX help maintain comfortable conditions inside auditoriums while providing them with 100% fresh air, which ensures that audience feels fresh and energetic.
Common area cooling
Fringe areas in shopping malls, office buildings and multiplexes are either air-conditioned or are only ventilated. People leaving an air-conditioned space and walking into a ventilated area are susceptible to thermal shocks. On the other hand, air-conditioning these areas can be expensive. HMX’s cooling solutions for fringe areas strike a perfect balance between comfort and cost.
Fresh air pre-cooling for centrally air-conditioned areas
Air-conditioned buildings need to take in fresh air periodically to maintain the indoor quality. This fresh air intake increases the load on the existing air-conditioning system and raises the operational expenditure. Innovative fresh air pre-cooling solutions from HMX reduce the additional load on the existing system, thus reducing the operational expenditure.
Warehouse cooling
High indoor temperatures, frequent opening of doors, high ceilings and lack of indoor air quality are some of the factors which affect the shelf life of the goods stored inside warehouses and the comfort of people who work there. Innovative cooling solutions from HMX ensure that warehouse goods are stored at right temperature and humidity and that people working inside the warehouse are comfortable.
Showroom cooling
Warm outdoor and indoor temperatures can leave customers feeling uncomfortable and your staff uneasy and exhausted, hampering your customers’ experience. It is important that your customers are relaxed enough to focus on the range of products you showcase. HMX’s cooling solutions help you ensure a pleasant environment irrespective of open doorways.
Gymnasium cooling
Gymnasiums are generally warm, have insufficient ventilation, high CO2 levels, and unpleasant odours, which makes for an unpleasant environment to work out in. It can even negatively impact the health people at the gym. Air-conditioning systems, in addition to increasing utility bills, do not provide sufficient ventilation. Innovative cooling solutions from HMX ensure 100% fresh and cool air while also bringing down your operating expense by up to 60% compared to air-conditioning systems.
Classroom cooling
It is a fact that students in a classroom with plenty of fresh and cool air are able to concentrate better and are more productive than students in warmer, less ventilated environments. High absenteeism rates in schools are linked with unhealthy and warm conditions in classrooms. HMX’s cooling solutions help in improving the performance of the students by providing fresh, clean and cool air.
Restaurant cooling
Temperatures in crowded restaurants can rise, making it uncomfortable for patrons. Cool environments with fresh air not only help ventilate strong odours of food, but also help improve the ambience of a restaurant. HMX's cooling solutions help you provide an enjoyable dining experience to your customers with fresh and cool air, regardless of the spicy aroma or open spaces in your restaurants.
In any business, smooth & efficient utilisation of the valuable facility assets is one of the keys to success. In order to meet customers’ needs and service demands in a cost-effective manner, the operating staff needs to optimize & utilize available resources EcoAxis offers remote monitoring solutions for effective management of your facility’s assets thus improving productivity and reliability. EcoAxis' proven IoT based continuous measurement & verification (CMV) system enables continuous remote monitoring of facility assets and equipment as well as energy and environmental resources. The system has been widely used by end users as well as OEMs for analyzing critical operations & maintenance processes.

Remote performance monitoring systems help in collating data & analyzing the various parameters related to the performance of utility equipment. The critical parameters can be e monitored on a continuous basis in a near real-time basis. Continuous monitoring and analysis of those parameters is helpful in scheduling of operations as well as maintenance activities of different sub-systems to ensure effective availability of the plant to meet demand.

Why remote monitoring system?

It is said that “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”. Thus for efficient management of valuable facility assets, it is essential to measure critical parameters. Remote monitoring of critical parameters ensures the availability of data to authorized users at different locations at any time for devising measures that ensure efficient performance of the system or equipment, thus leading to savings. It ensures the system performance and provides engineering support to the plant operation team. Customized dashboards based on the analysis of the continuously monitored data can convey critical information quickly, which in turn will help facility managers to take corrective action at appropriate times. Notifications & alerts can be generated in case of deviation of critical parameters from the normal operating ranges, according to the the requirements of a particular site.

The following equipment can be monitored using CMV:
  • Chillers
  • Pumps
  • Air Handling Units
  • Cooling Towers
  • Water treatment plants: RO, STP
  • Diesel Generators
  • Indoor air quality like particulate, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide
  • UPS systems
  • Elevators
Energy is a critical parameter that affects the cost of every product in the present scenario of limited fuel availability and competitive market. Given the adverse effect of GHG emissions – a byproduct of the combustion of fossil fuels – there is a need for energy conservation by either implementation of energy efficiency practices/projects, or use of renewable energy technologies. Energy monitoring systems are key tools that play an important role in energy management and in reducing energy use. EcoAxis has an active energy conservation solution which leverages a CMV (Continuous Measurement and Verification) system. This system helps in identifying and prioritizing the energy conservation measures and additionally serves as an evaluation tool for measuring effectiveness of measures.

Renewable energy technologies are constantly going through a phase of development and continuous improvement – as such the monitoring of such systems is critical to for the identification and quantification of performance parameters of the system. As renewable energy is dependent on natural sources of energy, it is essential to assess the potential of such sources in different locations and seasons. Thus monitoring of natural resources is essential to assess the potential of different technologies for different applications and locations. Monitoring of installed renewable energy systems is a tool useful for development, design verification, and defining operating and maintenance practices. Continuous monitoring of a system not only helps in quantifying the output of the system in different weather conditions but also helps in identifying deviations from normal operating parameters and thus react to any problems in time.

Energy monitoring for renewable energy technologies will help for development of new technologies as well as new applications, improve the utilization factor, and facilitate benchmarking, sizing, and selection. In the case of installations at remote locations, vital data about weather conditions that influence input energy and losses as well as parameters that affect the performance of the system should reach key personnel at the head office to enable them to make informed decisions to ensure the optimal management of the plant. Continuously monitoring component health helps to identify and resolve failure conditions and ensures maximum capacity utilization. Continuous monitoring using EcoAxis solution will lead to overall optimized costs of O&M, improved availability, performance, RoI and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). EcoAxis’ CMV systems are presently used for monitoring of various concentrated solar thermal installations, biomass gasification systems, solar PV plants, and wind farms.
Factory shed cooling
Factory sheds are large areas where temperature control is required either for people comfort or for improvement of processes. Cooling becomes a necessity in factories where the inside temperature is higher than the ambient because of internal heat generating sources. HMX’s cooling solutions supply 100% fresh, clean and cool air to maintain comfortable working conditions inside a factory shed.
Sugar dissolving, ready syrup, bottling area cooling
Cooling solutions from HMX help in maintaining desired temperatures inside sugar dissolving, ready syrup and bottling areas in beverage manufacturing plants.
Processing area cooling in food and snack plants
Processing areas in snack and food manufacturing plants require a cool environment to ensure high level of people productivity. HMX’s cooling solutions help in maintaining comfortable working conditions in these areas.
Filling and sticking area cooling in ice cream plants
Stand-alone cooling solutions from HMX help in stopping melting of ice cream in filling and sticking areas reducing losses.
Pre-cooling of fresh air for air-conditioned areas
For once through applications where 100% fresh air is air-conditioned and TR load is high, innovative fresh air pre-cooling solutions from HMX ensure that the operational expenses are kept under control by reducing the TR load.
Warehouse cooling
Warehouses of raw materials and finished products can be effectively cooled by cooling solutions from HMX. This reduces raw material rejection and increases the shelf life of finished products.
Effluent treatment for food and dairy
Developed by A.T.E., AVR™ - AF is designed to handle dairy and food industry wastewater that is high in fats. AVR™- AF employs jet mixing which uses hydraulic forces, instead of mechanical forces, for uniform mixing of effluent inside the reactor.
Raw material warehouse cooling
High temperatures in raw material warehouses often result in stored powder/granules turning into lump. Sustainable cooling solutions from HMX help maintain temperatures as per International Regulatory Authorities guidelines resulting in lesser raw material rejections.
Finished goods warehouse cooling
Storage of manufactured medicines in warehouses requires the desired temperature to be maintained throughout the year, irrespective of the ambient weather conditions. An innovative cooling solution from HMX ensures that the desired temperature is maintained all year round.
Fresh air pre-cooling for utility areas
Pharmaceutical companies incur huge operating costs while running air-conditioning systems for once through applications. Energy efficient fresh air pre-cooling solutions from HMX help reduce the TR load on existing air-conditioning systems resulting in substantial monetary savings.
Effluent treatment for pharmaceuticals
Developed by A.T.E., anaerobic systems (AVR™, AHR) are proven technologies for the treatment of complex wastewaters from the pharmaceutical industry. AHR is a unique combination of two different anaerobic treatment technologies in a single equipment. AHR improves solids retention and enhances Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) reduction.
Cooling of moulding and other areas
Plastic moulding is an exothermic process which results in high heat generation at the moulding machines. Similarly in tyre manufacturing factories, areas for tyre preparation, tyre curing and tyre uniformity experience higher temperatures inside the shed compared to the ambient. Cooling solutions from HMX ensure that the heat generated at these spots is dissipated resulting in increased comfort level for people leading to improved productivity.
In the competitive power industry, increased consumer demand for high-quality and consistent power supply necessitates high reliability of various mechanical and electrical equipment, improved plant operations, fuel management, and maintenance processes. Trouble-free operation, avoidance of unforeseen failures, improved performance coupled with cost savings and avoidance of penalties are becoming business drivers. Rapid handling of performance deviations that otherwise contribute to increased heat rate, lost capacity and increased fuel consumption are vital in the power generation units of today.

Power generation companies generally use DCS-SCADA systems to operate the plant within prescribed operating ranges. While the information presented by these systems is in real-time, it is available mainly in control rooms within a power plant. As the cost of downtime for a power plant continues to grow, there is a pressing need to make relevant data of critical parameters from these instruments available beyond the confines of the plant to experts who can remotely guide and resolve issues quickly.

EcoAxis’ solution provides a decision support system for online operations & maintenance that integrates plant operations, fuel and water chemistry management, and maintenance processes to help generate information for operating decisions that creates savings in fuel, personnel costs and maintenance costs, — hence extending the life of your power plant.
Maintaining positive pressure
The print & packaging industry’s requirements are different in order to maintain high standards of production quality. Energy efficient 100% fresh air systems from HMX provide multiple benefits like
  • Maintaining positive pressure inside the factory shed
  • Maintaining a dust free environment
  • Reducing solvent losses due to evaporation
  • Preventing build up of static charge which reduces chances of fire
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Providing comfortable working conditions.
Sustainable use of agro-based renewable resources like sugar cane demands the establishment of a complete manufacturing value-chain comprising of sugar as well as other value-added by-products such as exportable power from bagasse, alcohol and ethanol from molasses, biogas and bio-fertilizers from spent wash.

In a typical multi-plant operation setup, controlling losses and ensuring increased productivity is possible for an enterprise only if relevant manufacturing information is available on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Manual and conventional logging of data is difficult to compile owing to the massive scale of data involved in the operations of an integrated sugar complex. This calls for an IoT based monitoring solution that tracks critical parameters of operations and production output on a minute-by-minute or even second-by-second basis. This compilation is followed by automated analytics and managing the operation of the plant through online reports and alerts – in a manner that is very similar to internet banking.

If you have a typical multi-plant sugar complex, EcoAxis' solution will help you control losses and ensure increased productivity by making manufacturing information available to you on any device, anytime, anywhere – literally at your fingertips.
Effluent treatment for sugar and distilleries
Developed by A.T.E., the AVR™ is designed to handle difficult-to-treat wastewaters from sugar and distillery industry. High degree of mixing per unit of expended energy is achieved with optimum degree of operational safety. Also, as there are no in-basin moving parts, it is maintenance-free.
Textile Engineering Products and Solutions
A.T.E has built a solid standing in the Indian textile industry as its partner in progress. Over three quarters of a century, we have been at the forefront of bring cutting edge technologies from manufacturers around the world to India.

A.T.E. is uniquely positioned as a one-window solutions provider across the textile value chain. A.T.E.'s solutions span spinning, weaving, knitting, printing, processing, garmenting, synthetics, carpets, technical textiles, non-wovens, and utilities.

The wide range of products offered by A.T.E. from withing the group and from leading manufacturers from around the world serve the textile industry in India to grow and gain in efficiency. A.T.E. is also renowned as an excellent consulting resource by its customers, in view of its deep knowledge of all textile processes.
Wastewater treatment for Textiles
A.T.E.'s AAA™ technology is a highly successful innovation from A.T.E. that enhances biological treatment efficiency and minimizes sludge generation for textile industry wastewaters. AAA™ reduces the chemical consumption and sludge generation by almost 70% with consistent treated effluent quality compared to the conventional treatment process. About 80-95% of the treated water can be recycled back for process if treated with ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis. To achieve zero liquid discharge, the reject stream can be treated in an evaporator and dryer and the resultant solid salt (Glauber salt) can be recycled for dyeing.
IoT solutions for Textile Manufacturing
In the competitive environment of the textile industry, there is always a pressing demand for better product quality at lower processing costs. This competitive business scenario necessitates continuous and aggressive management of production costs, high reliability of various process equipment, improved plant and utility operations thus maximizing equipment OEE and equipment life. EcoAxis' solution for continuous measurement and verification in textile plants provides a decision support system through continuous monitoring that integrates plant operations, utility management, and maintenance processes to help generate information for data driven decision making. An informed decision can thus lead to savings in maintenance and utility cost, improved life and performance of process equipment. Trouble-free operation, avoidance of unforeseen failures, improved performance coupled with cost savings are fast becoming business drivers. As the cost of downtime for process equipment continues to grow, there is a pressing need to make relevant data of critical parameters from equipment controller and instruments available on a time-scale.

This data should also be available beyond the confines of the plant – to a place where analysis (predictive as well as post-failure) can be done and decisions can be taken by an expert who may not be continuously present on the shop floor. EcoAxis' IoT based monitoring solutions track critical parameters of process equipment and utilities such as fabric/machine speed, temperatures, pressures, tension, run-hours, stoppages, utility consumption etc. Monitoring of performance and maintenance on a minute-by-minute (or a second-by-second) basis, followed by managing the operation of the plant through advanced supervision and diagnostic tools of EcoAxis helps reducing textile plant operating and maintenance costs.

Hardware and software components of our solution help in acquiring critical data from various entry points such as control systems of machinery, barcode scanners, instruments, etc. It also facilitates manual data entry by operators where it is entirely necessary. This data is sent to remote or local server through Ethernet, GPRS, or broadband connections. EcoAxis' software and database on the server stores this raw data and creates actionable information using high-end analytic tools. This raw data and analytics are made available to authorized users on any device, anytime, anywhere.
Wastewater treatment
A.T.E. offers a comprehensive range of technologies to address the treatment and recycle needs including zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and to suit the specific requirements of a wide variety of industries. We undertake turnkey projects as well as the upgrade of existing wastewater treatment plants. We offer value-added services such as adequacy audits, treatability studies including biodegradability and pilot improvements projects. Value-added products such as enzymes, micronutrients and microbial cultures are offered for optimizing process performance and enhancing operating efficiency.
IoT solutions for water and wastewater
In the water and wastewater treatment industry, there is a continuous demand on OEMs, O&M operators, and plant owners to maximize output, both in terms of quantity and quality, to maintain process parameters at an optimum level, to achieve high availability, and to maximize plant life while reducing operating costs such as man-power, consumables, and energy. Highly complex and continuously evolving technologies in the field of water treatment (for municipal, industrial and medical purposes), effluent treatment including Zero Liquid Discharge, and sewage treatment add to the overall complexity. This necessitates continuous and aggressive management of operation and maintenance practices to realize high reliability of process equipment and low total cost of ownership of plants over several decades of plant usage.

EcoAxis' solution provides a decision support system through continuous monitoring that can integrate plant operations, consumables management, and maintenance processes to help generate information for data-driven decision making. An informed decision can thus lead to savings in operation and maintenance cost, improved life, and performance of the plant.

EcoAxis' solution
The lack of the right information to the right people at the right place and right time leaves plant managers and personnel struggling to meet these challenges. Expansive plants and geographically distributed plant locations only compound the challenges. A centralized on-line, real-time decision support system that can empower personnel with information on the device of their choice i.e. laptop, mobile phones, or tablets would help meet these challenges.

Such a system will involve:
Continuous monitoring of remote plant assets for real-time information on:
  • Critical process parameters like pH, conductivity, ORP etc.
    • Productivity
    • Availability
    • Quality
  • Continuous tracking of critical process parameters that help:
    • Identify and address deviations quickly
    • Track equipment health / condition to instill and manage predictive / condition-based maintenance
  • Real-time reporting of KPI's like specific chemical consumption, energy consumptions that help keep track of operational effectiveness and performance
  • Alerts for intimating plant users about critical plant conditions before they get out of hand.
The solution has been implemented in a number of applications including water and wastewater plants for municipal and industrial processes, effluent treatment, sewage treatment, chillers, cooling towers, and boilers. This solution also tracks critical parameters of water and wastewater treatment plant such as pH, conductivity, ORP, flow, pressure, pump run-hours, stoppages, chemical consumption etc. Monitoring of performance and maintenance on a minute-by-minute (or a second-by-second) basis, followed by managing the operation of the plant through advanced supervision and diagnostic tools helps reducing plant operating and maintenance costs.
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