Premium ES spindles

Premium ES spindles

The TeraSpin Premium series spindles are of two types:

  1. Premium spindles
  2. Premium ES (Energy Saving) spindles

Premium spindles
The TeraSpin Premium spindles are specially designed for smooth running even at very high spindle speed. Optimisation of various design parameters, high level of manufacturing precision, and high quality German components reduce vibration and noise level of the spindle.

These spindles come with HF 1 and HF 100 spindle bearing units with minimum 18.5 mm wharve dia. The HF 21 spindle bearing unit comes with a minimum wharve dia. of 20.2 mm.

Premium ES spindles
The TeraSpin Premium ES spindles are the ultimate solution to reducing high energy costs. These spindles are available with HF 1 and HF 100 spindle bearing units with minimum 18 mm wharve dia. and are designed to reduce energy consumption significantly. Well-proven, strong, and sturdy design of HF 1 and HF 100 spindle bearing units make these spindles suitable even for manual doffing.

Manufactured by: A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited (Business Unit: TeraSpin), India

  • Wharve diameter: Up to 18 mm
  • Higher level of manufacturing precision for all spindle components
  • Only two point contact (at footstep and neck bearing)
  • Compact neck bearing manufactured with higher precision
  • Optimised damping of spindle vibrations with improved design and German components
  • Well proven conical foot step design manufactured with higher precision
  • Spring support for axial load
  • Significantly lower energy consumption
  • Low vibrations
  • Low noise level
  • Long life

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