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Industrial Iot Solution for Plastic Industry

axisPlast 4.0 – Delivering topline and bottomline value to customers

axisPLAST4.0 for plastic processing machines helps “unlock intelligence” from your machine data on any device, any time, any where. Our IoT gateway helps connect your various plastic processing machines and utilities to capture and securely transfer accurate data to the cloud for advanced analytics. The solution is compatible with a wide range of machines and offers options to integrate various business systems.

Types of machines covered
▪ Injection molding
▪ Blow molding
▪ Sheet extrusion
▪ Pipe extrusion

Standard auxiliary equipment included
▪ Chillers
▪ Compressors
▪ Mixers
Business system integration (customised – options)
▪ Production planning systems
▪ Barcode systems

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Machines connected – Windsor, Toshiba, Engel, Ferromatik Milacron, Fanuc, ASB, Kraussmaffei, UBE, CMP, Haitian, CLF, Jagmohan, Big Rana, and Stork.

We also offer a comprehensive material tracking and traceability module with axisPLAST4.0 specifically designed and developed for plastic processing units. Click here to know more.

What We Deliver

Production - ATE Group

Production & Performance Analytics

  • Production (length, shots, pieces/kg)
  • Rate of production (m/s, kg/hr)
  • Actual v/s planned production
  • Mold analytics
  • Machine run hours
  • OEE (Availability, Performance, Quality)
  • Downtime analysis
Quality and resource analytics  - ATE Group

Quality & Resource Analytics

  • Good & bad production (shots, kg)
  • Rejection analysis
  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Specific energy consumption
  • Benchmarking resource consumption against respective products
  • End-to-end material traceability
  • Maintenance module
Dashboard report - ATE Group

Dashboards, Reports & Alerts

  • Consolidated dashboards
  • Online automated reports
  • Monthly, daily & shift-wise reports
  • Multi-plant, unit/section/machine level
  • Online KPI tracking
  • Reports/Notifications via email
  • User specific access to dashboards and reports

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