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Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) Technologies

Concentrated Solar Thermal Unit

Concentrated solar thermal technologies heat water or other thermic fluids by concentrating solar energy from a large surface to a smaller area using mirrors and lenses. To promote use of solar energy, Government of India and other international bodies have initiated various programmes/projects in which they provide substantial subsidies and financial support to user organizations.

The installation of online performance monitoring system not only fulfils a major criteria for securing government subsidy for CST systems but also allows the users, OEMs, and the government body to measure the performance of the systems on a continuous basis.

EcoAxis provides end-to-end solution including selection and supply of required sensors/instruments based on different technology and application at site and online performance monitoring solution through software as a service (SaaS) model as prescribed by the project management unit of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

EcoAxis online performance monitoring system for CST applications provide

  • Incident solar energy on the collection area/concentrator aperture area
  • Output energy
Concentrating Solar Thermal Technologies

Key Benefits

  • Continuous remote monitoring of all parameters of input solar energy and output thermal energy
  • Online performance monitoring for comparison of technologies and performance of similar systems for different application and in different locations
  • Role led authorized access to real-time data on portable devices
  • Receive email alerts on shading ring misalignment
  • Monitoring the amount of fossil fuel saved and reduction in CO2 reduction

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Understanding the Concentrating Solar Thermal Technologies For You
Our in-house expert Dr. Indu R. Keoti (Pillai) explains the different types of Concentrated Solar Thermal solutions available and which one is the best match for you.
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