(Rope indigo dyeing machine)

KARL MAYER's PRODYE-R increases efficiency and reduces costs in rope dyeing
The PRODYE-R indigo rope dyeing machine operates with just eight dyeing units to produce deep, pure shades with a dye application of up to 5.5% of the yarn weight. The short wet zone reduces the bath volume by up to 25%. Furthermore, when changing the ball, the warp length remaining in the machine, which is unusable, can be reduced by 20%. Overall, the machine uses less energy and water and fewer chemicals. In fact, the water consumption can be reduced by roughly 30%. The programmable cans, into which the dyed ropes are laid in a precise arrangement, also make the long chain beaming process more efficient.
Manufactured by: KARL MAYER, Germany

      Key Features 
  • Bright colour shade: The indigo dyestuff has a solid physical bond achieved by a better exchange rate – thanks to the 11.2 m dwelling in the indigo vat and fluted rollers
  • Homogeneous build-up of ropes: Perfect tension control by a combination of load cells and dancing rollers during the entire process. Final dryer with single-motor drive system to keep the correct elasticity of the yarn
  • Coiler with linear bars: offers the highest degree of flexibility and ensures a uniform storage of the ropes in the cans
  • Excellent washing results: Saving water with special cascade design in ECO-wash and the fluted rollers dropping effect
  • Reduced number of vats: The design of the dyeing vat (type DV) allows you to attain a darker indigo shade with only nine boxes. Due to the shorter dye section, the total volume of the dye bath is drastically reduced
  • Less chemicals: The indigo circulation system with high flow rate and low speed combined with the closed design of dyeing vats allow savings of up to 20 percent of hydro and caustic soda
  • High rebeaming efficiency: Around 15 to 20 percent higher output in rebeaming – thanks to perfect tension control during the entire process and the programmable coiler

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