(Single rapier weft transfer weaving machine for technical textiles)

The Smit-One is designed to produce sophisticated fabrics with fancy/irregular weft yarns as well as conveyor belts and bolting cloth. The versatile and flexible ONE is can be used for manufacturing safety gear, glass fabrics, carbon fabrics, filter fabrics, sportswear, and more. The Smit-One has a dynamically controlled flexible tape rapier that ensures excellent performance in all reed widths – from 140 up to 220 cm. Three different solutions of fancy beams are available, with beam flange diameters of up to 1000 mm.
Manufactured by Smit S.r.l, Italy

      Key Features 
  • Weft transfer at the same position, ensuring an effective and repetitive hold
  • Fastest free-flight rapier with no guiding teeth
  • Transfer weft at low weft tension resulting higher insertion efficiency
  • Reduced warp shed amplitude, thus increasing efficiency
  • Easy to adjust machine during article change, reducing machines downtime
  • Can use all yarn types that were so far not weavable on traditional rapier systems
  • Special pliers that perfectly hold any weft shape, weight, and consistency
  • Laser stop motion, or full-width temple can be offered
  • PosiLeno® system in leno-woven fabric production
  • Reinforced backrest structure increases warp tension by more than 50%
  • Special type of pressure rollers prevents slippage of cloth on take-up roller
  • Stronger sley bar enables use of dense fabrics on the machine
  • Take-up designed for ultra-high warp tension
  • Weaver beams up to 1100 mm and fancy beam can be used
  • Fabrics for technical, fashion, furnishing applications, as well as classic fabrics with exclusive yarns and patterns, can be woven with excellent quality and high efficiency on the SMIT - ONE
  • Dynamically controlled flexible free-flight tape rapier system; enhances the weft insertion
  • Highest versatility and efficiency in terms of weft insertion; suitable for a wide range of yarns, and unparalleled simplicity in the article change
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Free flight technology - no friction on the warp yarn
  • Consistent fabric properties from full to empty warp beams
  • Special take-up system avoids friction points and wear on yarn

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