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Mahlo's Calipro DML is a two-sided, non-contact, laser-type thickness gauge can be used to monitor virtually any product in web or sheet form. Calipro DML has proven its effectiveness in the nonwoven sector and plants manufacturing other calendered or extruded plastic webs and sheets, and in the manufacture of artificial leather.


Calipro DML Non-contact Thickness Gauge

Calipro DML Non-contact Thickness Gauge

The thickness of the product is determined by evaluating the difference between the two measured values. This is done by the Calipro DML's built-in microprocessor, which at the same time synchronises the upper and lower lasers and, on the certain versions, processes in real-time the data measured by the numerous temperature sensors, which compensate for any temperature-related dimensional changes in the housing.
Manufactured by: Mahlo GmbH & Co. KG., Germany

      Key Features 
  • Non-contact, non-destructive, and ultra-precise measurement of online product thickness
  • Available in several configurations to suit various accuracy requirements
  • Can gauge either at one side against a reference roller or on both sides
  • High sampling rate and resolution of the cross-web profile
  • Since the gauge is able to traverse, it indicates the thickness of the product from edge to edge
  • Determines the thickness of a web or sheet directly without reference to product density
  • Non-contact measurement has no adverse effect on either product quality or the manufacturing process
  • Insensitive to variations in.the surface of the product, thus ensuring a high degree of measurement stability
  • Highly responsive

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