Calipro DML-P Contact Thickness Gauge

Calipro DML-P Contact Thickness Gauge

This Calipro DML-P makes use of the air cushion principle which allows for non-destructive, high-precision determination of online product thickness. The Calipro DML-P has two plungers, one above and one below the web that are gently pressed against it by a finely adjusted volume of compressed air. At the surface of the plungers, a precisely defined volume of air is emitted through finely bored holes. This forms an air cushion above and below the web so that the plungers virtually float over the surface of the online sheet. In each of the two plungers is a coil, which together form an inductance. By varying the distance between the coils (i.e. product thickness), the inductance changes, and by connecting a capacitor in series with them, the resonant frequency of the oscillator thus formed varies in accordance with the thickness of the product.
Manufactured by: Mahlo GmbH & Co. KG., Germany

      Key Features 
  • Simple, non-destructive, and high-precision determination online of product thickness
  • Available in several forms for various measuring ranges
  • On smooth running webs, measurement is contact-free due to air cushion
  • Determines the thickness of the product web directly
  • Completely insensitive to variations in the surface of the product
  • Can be used to gauge even highly transparent products, e.g. PET or PA film

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