Ball Warper BW

Ball Warper BW

(Converting packaged yarn into ball for rope indigo dyeing)

To produce high quality ball warps, the KARL MAYER's Ball Warper machine is designed to utilise the latest technology to ensure the highest efficiency in today's high production environments. The computer control system is an integrated drive and control system which provides smooth and consistent ball winding performance.
Manufactured by:  Karl Mayer, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Application range: rope indigo dyeing
  •   Key Features 
  • Ethernet interface for networking and connection for the relevant data acquisition and teleservice
  • Operator interface IPC - touch screen 12.1"
  • DNC KAMCOS SYSTEM metre counting - accurate ball length with automatic stopping for lease string insertion at designated intervals and at final desired length metre counting
  • Possible to offer creels with electronic YTC-2000 Appalachian, DISCTENS electromagnetic, and U3V SP disc yarn tensioners
  • Leasing device: semi-automatic device with integrated operator interface for variable preset of leases
  • Option of FILGARD stop motion with U3 V-tensioners
  • Turn around roll allows the yarn sheet stay in sheet form longer, so as to detect lost ends
  • Pneumatic braking system ensure synchronised braking for disk brake, diversion rolls, and turn-around rolls
  • Loading and doffing device for balls
  • Sheet vacuum system - designed to remove and trap excess lint, dust, and loose particles from the yarn sheet during production
  • Running with maximum speed of 500 m/min with 150 m/min traverse speed
  • Working width: 1220 mm with maximum ball dia of 1524 mm (60")
  • Programmable hold down arms provide consistent pressure throughout ball build
  • SVS system reduces contamination of wash/dye boxes in dye range and improves weaving efficiency
  • Traverse position sensor technology prevents overthrown or loose ends at the selvedge
  • Possible to produce perfect ball with maximum 60" dia.
  • Up to 20 percent greater efficiency in warping process
  • Ensures best ball quality for fine and coarse yarns
  • Up to 15 percent better yarn opening performance in beaming process

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