(Computer controlled direct warping machine)

KARL MAYER direct warpers and beaming machines meet highest demands on the manufacture of top-quality warp beams for weaving. Main features of these machines are the high speed (up to 1200 m/min) with uniform yarn tensile forces and the high efficiency during the subsequent processing in beaming. The high user friendliness of the operator interface (Touch Screen) ensures easy handling. KARL MAYER WarpDirect beaming machine operates from the V-creel, thus, being perfectly matched systems. Easy to operate, and allowing rapid change-over to different yarn parameters, the WarpDirect is suitable for nearly all beaming applications.
Manufactured by: KARL MAYER, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Application range: shirting, bottom weights, home textiles, terry, denim and apparels
  •   Key Features 
  • Precise tension control at creel and at the beaming head ensure production of perfect warper beams
  • Computer controlled system guarantees 100 percent process control during entire winding process
  • Yarn uncrossing device ensures proper yarn laying immediately after machine start-up
  • Provision for dye beam with laser measuring system
  • Automatic windshield for added safety
  • Simple insertion of threads into the comb
  • Workplace designed according to ergonomic principles
  • Siemens - process control system - operator interface IPC/touch screen 12.1", ethernet interface for networking and connection for the relevant data acquisition and tele-service
  • Absolutely cylindrical yarn build-up and even surface due to hard pressed paper roller
  • V-creel is optimum creel to ensure high production speeds as well as rapid batch changes with free thread run between tensioner and comb
  • Positively driven over run roller ensures uniform required yarn density for dye beam applications
  • Easy and self-explanatory menu-driven data input, plausibility checks to avoid erroneous inputs and error messages with explanation of cause and instructions for rectification, with automatic service messages
  • Un-crossing device ensures no crossed threads
  • Fewer rolled-in ends because of short braking distances
  • Constant comb movement ensures no cutting of threads and comb wire due to abrasion
  • Exact thread guidance

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