Online Hairiness Tester

Online Hairiness Tester

Osthoff-Senge Hairiness Tester provides the possibility to control the singeing effect objectively. By means of a laser beam the fabric surface is monitored and the hairiness of the fabric is displayed on the screen of the SENG-MATIC. The measured information can be printed simultaneously and used as a set value for the control of the singer in order to achieve the programmed effect. The Hairiness Tester can also be delivered as a lab instrument working on the same principle using fabric samples and display showing the average measured value.
Manufactured by: Osthoff-Senge GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

      Key Features 
  • System consist of an LED light, monochrome CCD camera and a light source LED along with a guide roller and necessary synchronization with PC
  • Camera and light source are installed in a dust and waterproof enclosure (IP67)
  • Optimizes gas consumption by automatic adjustment of gas-air mixture
  • Ensures that the whole batch has the same hairiness value
  • Ensures repeatability, similar product can be singed with the same parameters

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