Singeing cum Desizing Range

Singeing cum Desizing Range

Removing extra fibres and loose hairs from finished fabric is very important as it can adversely affect subsequent finishing processes. During the singeing process, fibres which are not tied in threads or in the cloth are burned or turned to gas through the action of thermal energy, normally by means of a flame, rendering a fabric free of hairs and fibres. Osthoff doublejet singeing machine use high performance doublejet burners in all machine types. It's patented and sets apart in terms of reliability, precision, performance, capacity, and energy consumption. It makes use of the process controller that keeps the singeing effect constant at all times, excluding the possibility of damage to the fabric.
Manufactured by: Osthoff-Senge GmbH, Germany

      Key Features 
  • Four singeing positions
  • Automatic flame with adjustment
  • J Scrays for non-stop operation
  • Vibra plus II - combined beating and brushing roll
  • Vibra plus - post beating roll
  • Air washer
  • Selvedge wetting device
  • 20 m impregnation compartment
  • Desize liquor application
  • Online hairiness tester (optional)
  • Facility to run single side twice on burner face
  • Perfect singed effect
  • Intensity of the flame, flame speed, height of the flame, and width of the flame can be varied via PLC
  • Auto recording facilities of utilities (optional)
  • Complete PLC machine with chemical dosing

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