MQM – Machine Queue Management

MQM – Machine Queue Management

There is a strong need among textile manufacturers for a tool supporting the plant manager to schedule and launch the operations and to react to sudden changes. However, the complexity of the textile production scenario has so far made it difficult to fulfill this need. Datatex is filling the gap between “needs” and “solutions” with its new module: MQM - Machine Queue Management.
Manufactured by: Datatex A.G., Switzerland

  • On-time completion, respecting both the production order date and the final shipping date
  • Minimises setup time, taking into account each step
  • For optimal resource utilisation, features of the step to be scheduled are checked against the needed resource features
  • Designed for textile industry; constraints and best-practices of the sector are taken into consideration during implementation
  • Works online, thus the planner takes decisions supported by the latest information
  • Flexible: it handles the many variables not to enforce a computer generated plan, but to support the planner to take optimal decisions

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