CATS – Computer Aided Textile Supervision

CATS – Computer Aided Textile Supervision

Looking at the textile production cycle, mills are continuously improving the efficiency of weaving cloth, thanks to organisation and loom technology improvements. On the other hand, the output of the looms must always be controlled, to ensure the required fabric quality and to identify production problems. Inspection, being labour intensive, is costly and often its effectiveness needs to be improved.
Manufactured by: Datatex A.G., Switzerland

  • CATS workstations, installed at each inspection or cutting table are PCs, stand-alone or connected in a network, with an encoder to measure fabric length and fault locations
  • Improves inspectors productivity and efficiency
  • Optimises the value of the produced fabric
  • Reports timely information on faults in production
  • CATS workstations are PCs that can be installed at each inspection or cutting table
  • Cut optimisation to improve 1st quality and reduce waste
  • Length measurement: interfaces to any kind of encoders are available, thanks to several standards and open DLL interfaces
  • Quality calculation: the quality is continuously calculated with user defined rules. It is displayed as a value, with reason and a dynamic colour coded graphical fault bar
  • Different work modes: batch/roll, batch/batch, roll/roll, etc.
  • Defects recording: defects and events are recorded in the fault map, to be used for quality and bonus calculation with the further option of statistical data mining
  • Point and Bonus system: depending on the setup, the program can run both systems, only one or none

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