BOARD – Business Intelligence Module

BOARD – Business Intelligence Module

Using business-specific data capsules, BI gives powerful and essential insights into informed decision-making and enables the corporate strategy to be linked to operational plans.
Manufactured by: Datatex A.G., Switzerland

  • Integrated architecture for reporting, viewing, querying, analysing, and running Corporate Performance Management applications
  • Self-service business user view of data
  • Ability to set conditional alerts to help users manage by exception, focusing on the areas of the business that need more attention
  • Wide variety of visualisation options to show performance indicators including gauges, stoplights, thermometers, and cockpits
  • Drill-through and ad-hoc queries for more detail about what the dashboard shows the user
  • Business intelligence that enables score-carding, performance management, budgeting, forecasting, activity-based costing, profitability analysis, and reporting analysis
  • Easy to use: all users, regardless of their business or technical level can easily drill down, drill through, slice and dice, rank, sort, and forecast to gain greater insight into trends, causes, and effects
  • Multiple export formats: Excel, XML, HTML, and CSV, thus ensuring compatibility

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