Textometer DMB

Textometer DMB

(Portable moisture meter and temperature gauge)

Being small, light, and portable, it can be taken to wherever it may be required to take random measurements, or it can of course be used in the more permanent setting of a laboratory. It is controlled via a touch-sensitive keypad, and the readouts are screened on an illuminated graphic display. It is a mains or battery powered meter, and features a cutout which, when working on battery power, switches it off automatically when not in use. Via the built-in software, the meter can be set up to measure all conventional fibres and blends, the latter in increments of 5%. A natural relationship exists between the moisture content and electrical conductivity of hygroscopic materials. As it is specific to each type of fibre or blend, the relevant calibration data for each is stored in the Textometer. Once the fibre or blend has been selected, the meter calibrates itself automatically, and is then ready to measure.
Manufactured by: Mahlo GmbH & Co. KG., Germany

      Key Features 
  • 10 article memories, each containing 100 storage locations
  • Different electrodes are available as per material
  • Can calibrate itself automatically depending on the selection of fibre or blend
  • Light weight and portable
  • Accurate measurement of moisture content in raw materials, on-line products, and finished goods

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