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The EleTrash is an innovative trash seperator to determine the percentage of lint, trash, dust and microduct in a sample of cotton. The EleTrash also opens and cleans fibres for further testing.




(Trash separator and fiber opener for testing raw materials)

The EleTrash determines the percentage of trash, lint and dust content within a sample of raw cotton, blow room lap, carding sliver etc. and to open and clean fibres for further testing. Its compact, ergonomic shape, silent operation, and nonpolluting nature enables better laboratory environment. Microcomputer controlled operation with solid-state control circuitry enhances feasibility and operator safety.
Manufactured by: MAG Solvics Private Limited

      Key Features 
  • Suitable for 50 / 100 gram of cotton samples at the opening rate of 16+ grams per minute.
  • Based on carding principal with Seperate suction system for efficient seperation of lint and non-lint content
  • Individual diagonalize system for licker-in and blower
  • Accurate determination of trash content
  • Microcomputer-controlled operation with solid-state control circuitry
  • Compact, ergonomic shape, silent operation and nonpolluting nature for better laboratory environment.
  • Individually spring loaded and segmented finger type feeder for better grip for better opening

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