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The DigiMoist is a moisture measurement system to determine the residual moisture percentage in fibre, yarn, and fabrics made of cotton, polyester, and viscose in terms of percentage.




(Digital moisture measurement system)

The DigiMoist is a digital moisture meter that measures the residual moisture content of various textile materials. Ergonomically designed, the DigiMoist is portable and has an extended measuring range suitable for entire cotton and yarn packages. Operating on the High Frequency Resistance Measurement (HFRM) principle, the DigiMoist is able to accurately measure residual moisture percentage in fibre, yarn, and fabrics made of cotton, polyester and viscose in terms of percentage.
Manufactured by: MAG Solvics Private Limited, India

      Key Features 
  • Back-lighted alphanumeric display
  • Microcontroller controlled digital circuitry
  • Field calibration with the use of standard calibration probe
  • Determines residual moisture content in textiles like cotton, polyester and viscose materials
  • Built-in rechargeable battery power suitable for more than 5 hours of use
  • Extended measuring range suitable for the entire cotton and yarn packages
  • High Frequency Resistance Measurement (HFRM) principle enables accurate moisture measurement
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Portable construction; comes with light-weight case and charging adaptor for easy mobility
  • Different types of probes for convenient measurement

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