HVT Expert 1401

HVT Expert 1401

(Accurate fibre property analyser)

The HVT Expert 1401 unit is used to determine fibre properties such as length, strength, micronaire, moistiure, maturity, colour, and real trash content. The HVT 1401 has a smaller footprint, less weight, and an ergonomic stainless steel top workspace. Calibration of the HVT Expert is by USDA / International Calibration Cottons. Also provided are Barcode identification, BaleMan - Bale management system (optional).
Manufactured by: MAG Solvics Private Limited, India

      Key Features 
  • Intelligent pressure mechanism for accurate beard collection irrespective of sample size
  • Determines the fibre properties such as length and strength; micronaire and maturity; moisture and color, and gravimetric trash
  • Parallel as well as simultaneous operations
  • Calibration by USDA/International Calibration Cottons
  • More than 200 tests per hour under combined tests mode (Without Trash module) and more than 300 tests per hour under module testing mode
  • Instrument can be calibrated and tested in both ICC mode and HVI mode
  • Rapid and accurate assessment of fibre properties such as length, fineness, maturity, strength, colour grade, moisture, and gravimetric trash

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