Creel for Technical Yarns

Creel for Technical Yarns

The Creel is an integral part of warping machine which holds a number of yarn bobbins to produce beams. KARL MAYER's world-renowned creels are available for all type of yarns for all applications.
Manufactured by:  KARL MAYER, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Raw material: cotton, rayon, man-made fibers (kevlar, carbon, etc.), and their blends
  •   Key Features 
  • Parallel creel (H creel) available in GW wagon type, GD swivel type, GM magazine type, and GF fixed type
  • Accutense (hystresis tensioner) - fine glass filaments and monofilaments, universally applicable for all yarns that are negatively affected by friction
  • KFD tensioner - universal tensioner for technical and coarser yarns
  • Multitens tension system guarantees thread tension uniformity from the thread to thread by precise measurement and regulation to the tension set point for each individual end
  • Dynatense - for aramid, glass, and industrial yarns
  • Megatens tensioner - for all yarns from very fine to middle yarn material with the exception of some glass and aramid fibre yarn
  • FilGard stop motion - very short reaction time
  • Rototense - high flexibility for different yarns
  • ISOTENS - meets highest demands in ergonomics and reliability; best suited for filament and spun yarn
  • Wide range of tensioners for all applications in filament industries
  • Highly flexible creel system for the processing of monofilament yarns, polypropylene film tapes, highly resistant polyester/polyamide yarns for the carpet industry, glass-fibre yarns, etc.

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