CAMS - Computer Aided Manufacturing System

CAMS - Computer Aided Manufacturing System

Datatex's Computer Aided Manufacturing System (or CAMS) is tailored to each customer and to each work station. A flexible tool allows to design each function and screen as required for optimal man-machine communication. Customisation is not a programming effort but an "on the spot" set up activity.
Manufactured by: Datatex A.G., Switzerland

  • The CAMS workstations, installed at shop floor or lift trucks are PCs, stand-alone or connected in a network, with optional machine (i.e. PLC) interfaces
  • Automatic machine stop detection
  • Detects machine stops with stop reasons
  • Reports timely production progress
  • Event based or continuous data recording
  • Scanner and RFID support
  • Machine monitoring and status supervision
  • Shift/operator summary report
  • Recording of operator and shift productivity
  • PLC connection for online data collection
  • CAMS increases productivity through real time production progress reporting

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