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Trützschler Airlay EHAL for the aerodynamic web forming process that allows web formation with maximum isotropy.


Airlay EHAL

Airlay EHAL

Airlay EHAL allows web formation with maximum isotropy. Airlay stands for highest possible flexibility during web formation – suctioning onto a perforated roll – covers a large weight range and different types of fibres. Other benefits of airlay are trouble-free processing of waste fibres, and high energy efficiency since air consumption is based on actual requirement.
Manufactured by: Trützschler Nonwovens and Man-made Fibres GmbH, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Application range: for drylaid high loft webs of natural and man-made fibres
  •   Key Features 
  • Precision feed system
  • Adjustable suction drum
  • Optimised air circulation
  • Better opening by controlled fibre transfer
  • Adjustable loft for different end use for same GSM
  • Metal detection at feed roll to avoid the damage
  • Operator and maintenance friendly
  • Less filter capacity and therefore, lower energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

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