Trützschler Random Card EWK 413 is a special roller card with random web technology that is particularly well suited for subsequent spunlacing. It allows a high random layer thus resulting in fluffy, soft nonwovens, especially when processing cotton. The use of two different roll diameters reduces clothing change but still allows large variability in web weight.


EWK413 Random Card

EWK413 Random Card

Trützschler Card EWK 413 is a high performance card with throughputs of more than 400 kg per hour, per metre of working width, for various fibres and grammages. With double-sided carding and circulation blending, the EWK 413 ensures unsurpassed product qualities.
Manufactured by: Trützschler Nonwovens and Man-made Fibres GmbH, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Application range: for drylaid webs of natural and man-made fibres
  •   Key Features 
  • Quick change from parallel to condensed web and vice versa
  • Precision Feed System
  • Opening and closing of the card in 30 minutes
  • Rollers of high precision
  • Integrated suction system and direct air conditioning
  • Operator and maintenance friendly
  • Less downtime
  • Better opening by controlled fibre transfer
  • Metal detection at feed roll to avoid the damage of card clothing
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

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