Tricot Warp Knitting Machines

Tricot Warp Knitting Machines

Combining high production speed and outstanding flexibility, and based on the precise tuning of knitting motion and knitting elements, this 3-bar, high-performance tricot machine is suitable for a wide range of textiles. Besides, being equipped with an extra-fine compound needle system, the HKS 3-1 produces structures showing a delicate and uniform loop appearance. When fitted with an elastane device and an elastic batcher, the higher machine gauges of this type are highly efficient at manufacturing sophisticated elastic articles. In this way, an efficient production of elastic and rigid textiles with small patterns or structures becomes possible.
Manufactured by: KARL MAYER

      Technical Details 
  • Working width / Gauge 130" (+2" working width extension), 180" (+6" working width extension), 210" (+8" working width extension), 238", 280" (+10" or +20" working width extension) E28 – E32
  • Warp beam support: 3 × 812 (32") (free-standing) Optional: 3 × 1016 (40") (free-standing); 1 × 1016 (40"), 2 × 812 (32") (free-standing)
  • Max. shog distance: 25 mm
  •   Key Features 
  • Individual needle bar with compound needles, slider bar with plate slider units (½"), sinker bar with compound sinker units, three guide bars with guide units
  • All bars are made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic
  • KAMCOS® 2 (KARL MAYER COMMAND SYSTEM): Operator interface to configure, control and adjust the electronic functionality of the machine
  • Integrated monitoring systems (Laserstop and camera)
  • Yarn let-off device: electronically controlled, driven by geared motor
  • Fabric take-up: electronically controlled, four-roller system, driven by geared motor
  • ON-drive with three electronic guide bar drives
  • k.Innovation: 36+ Repeats with k.innovation CORE
  • Web-based lapping editor for the HKS 3-M ON offered by KM.ON
  • Immediate pattern change for shorter stoppage time and higher productivity through key
  • Lower costs and no mechanical work required for pattern changes
  • ON-drive provides the flexibility required by the new business environment through SwapKnit & k.innovation CORE
  • Same performance in terms of speed and design variety as the current version of HKS 3-M with state-of-the-art technology
  • Extra-wide high-performance tricot machines available with working width extension +10" (290") and +20" (300") for highest flexibilty in panel width and panel number
  • Connects to secure cloud through k.ey for more innovation
  • KM.ON services to enhance business and production

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