ISOSIZE Sizing Machine

ISOSIZE Sizing Machine

(Sizing machine for staple fibres)

KARL MAYER sizing machines are characterized by highly-convenient operation and perfect process control. Combination size boxes with and without pre-wetting devices guarantee short yarn paths. Cylinder driers in different arrangements that are partially teflon coated guarantee a quick drying process of the sizing material along with a gentle yarn treatment.
Manufactured by: KARL MAYER, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Application range: grey, shirting, bottom weights, home textiles, terry, denim, and apparels
  •   Key Features 
  • Beam creel with shaftless beam supports
  • KAMCOS SYSTEM operator interface IPC/touch screen 12.1", ethernet interface for networking and connection for the relevant data acquisition and teleservice
  • Cylinder dryers designed according to the type of warp and required production volume
  • Special rubberised roller with embedded glass beads on surface ensure required size pickup
  • Yarn control can be carried out with tension as well as stretch to achieve higher weavability
  • Compact size box (CSB) with double dip and double nip principle ensures perfect sizing
  • Ergonomic design of beam headstock for fast and safe access
  • Can be tailor-made as per customers' need
  • Maximum speed: 125 m/min
  • High reproducibility with simple attendance, automatic monitoring of all parameters and comprehensive recipe management
  • New size box helps to reduce maintenance time and size ingredients consumption
  • ISOSIZE ensures uniformly optimal sizing, low hairiness, and elongation which makes it perfect for high speed weaving machines

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