Product upgrades on existing lines

Product upgrades on existing lines

W+D BICMA's product upgrades on existing non-woven lines starts with a visit from an experienced BICMA technician who analyses the process. The technician then identfies
process bottlenecks that limit the speed of the process and traces these bottlenecks back to their origin. These upgrades postively impact product quality and waste and directly improve machine condition in general (cleaning, wear, and alignment).

Manufactured by: BICMA Hygiene Technologie GmbH, Germany

      Key Features 
  • Elastic back ears (baby diapers)
  • Registered pre-printed or inline printed materials (baby diapers)
  • Ultrathin cores with high SAP amount (baby diapers)
  • Inline flexoprinting (baby diapers)
  • Changing machine from open style to baby pants (baby diapers)
  • Elastic back ears or belts (adult diapers)
  • Curved leg elastic (adult diapers)
  • Ultrasonic fixation of ADL (adult diapers)
  • Textile backsheet lamination (adult diapers)
  • 2S2 module (adult diapers)
  • Inline flexoprinting on topsheet or ADL/Transfer Layer (femcare products)
  • Ultrathin Fluff/SAP cores (HDC, femcare products)
  • Ultrasonic fixation of ADL (femcare products)
  • Inline flexoprinting on topsheet (light inco products)
  • Ultrathin Fluff/SAP cores (HDC, light inco products)
  • Ultrasonic fixation of ADL (light inco products)
  • Foam elastics and narrow chassis
  • Add a men’s product to a ladies product machine
  • Increases efficiency
  • Reduces planned down times by reducing size change time and size tool investments

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