1128-XX family of diaper manufacturing machines

1128-XX family of diaper manufacturing machines

W+D BICMA's 1128-XX family of diaper manufacturing machines have the latest automation features and are controlled by in-house developed software. Manufactured with high quality components, these versatile, custom-made machines can produce baby as well as adult diapers and baby training pants. Depending on the model, the 1128-XX series of high speed machines can produce up to 1000 pieces/minute.
Manufactured by: BICMA Hygiene Technologie GmbH, Germany

      Key Features 
  • Open baby diapers (Traditional, T-Shape, Ears) (1128-HW)
  • Inline TXB lamination (1128-HW)
  • Format parts for different sizes (1128-HW)
  • 3 speed levels (500, 750 and 1000 pieces/minute, 1128-HW)
  • Open adult diapers (Traditional, T-Shape, Ears; one or two materials, belt) (1128-AD)
  • Inline TXB lamination (1128-AD)
  • S2S Quickchange Module for short change over times (1128-AD)
  • 4 speed levels (250, 300, 350 and 400 pieces/minute, 1128-AD)
  • Training pants for baby diapers (1128-Baby TP)
  • 3 piece design (1128-Baby TP)
  • 2 ultrasonic welding units for side seams (1128-Baby TP)
  • CTR Unit (Cut, Turn and Re-pitch)
  • S2S Quickchange unit for short change over times
  • Lycra overend system
  • Metal check
  • Manufactures at either 500 or 700 pieces/minute
  • Innovative S2S size change concept
  • Drum change in only 6 minutes
  • Electronic size change – no parts
  • Quick-change size modules

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