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Machine for lengthwise hemming, cross cutting and side closing of pillow cases with turning and folding


Pillow Case

Pillow Case

(Sheeting machines)

This Texpa machine manufactures pillow cases with U-shape and L-shape sewing. Pillows with flap can also be produced with U-shape sewing. The automated pillow case production line produces pillow covers in a single working process without interruption. The processes of length hemming, doubling, cross cutting, label dispensing, lateral closing and stacking are automated to deliver a finished pillow cover.
Manufactured by: TEXPA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Can be attached with folding machine without any change in production
  • Production of 900 pieces per hour can be achieved
  • High output with high capacity and operational reliablity
  • Pillows with flap can be manufactured
  • High turning and folding precision

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