Flat Sheet

Flat Sheet

(Sheeting machines)

The Texpa flat sheet sheeting machine enables manufacturing directly from roll to folded piece. The fabric roll infeed can be either in folded or plaited form. All types of attachments on the top side of the bed sheet is possible if infeed is done widthwise or lengthwise. Single pleat, double pleat, triple pleat, S-hem, Z-hem, piping, bordering with separate fabric is possible. A folding machine can be attached inline with this machine as well.
Manufactured by: TEXPA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Can be fed from roll or plaited or A-frame
  • All types of basic hems can be produced
  • Standard feeding in width/length
  • Up to 5 inches hem can be produced on top of the sheet
  • Machine can be used in width/length or length/length mode
  • All types of hemming can be done on the upper side of the sheet with feeding done width by length
  • Instead of labels, RFID chips can be attached as well
  • High productivity; standard production speed is of 450 pieces per hour (with or without folding)
  • Reduced changeover time as the machine is electronically controlled
  • High quality service - remote troubleshooting can be done directly from Germany once the machine is connected to the internet

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