(High temperature dyeing machine)

The unique features of the towel such as low twist, high terry, high bulky, super-soften, and excellent touching quality require a specialised machine to achieve an excellent processed quality. Conventional dyeing machines are always difficult to obtain a satisfactory result, especially for the high thickness fabric. JumboTowel is designed to meet all these challenges. It is suitable for the pre-treatment, dyeing and after-treatment of towels, high pile fabrics, heavy curtains, and decorative fabrics for both home textiles and automotive upholstery.
Manufactured by: Fong's National Engineering Co., Ltd., Hong Kong

      Technical Details 
  • Design temperature: 140ºC
  • Design pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Heating gradient: 25ºC ~ 100ºC approx. 5ºC/min 100ºC ~ 130ºC approx. 2.5ºC/min (dry saturated steam pressure at 7 bar)
  • Cooling gradient: 130ºC ~ 100ºC approx. 3ºC/min 100ºC ~ 80ºC approx. 2ºC/min (cooling water at 3 bar, 25ºC)
  • Suitable fabric weight: 200 ~ 600g/m2
  • Maximum capacity per chamber: up to 400 kg
  • Liquor ratio: approx. 1:6
  •   Key Features 
  • Hot water Stock Tank (HST) or Multi-function Stock Tank (MST)
  • Service tank with feed pump, valves and mixing function
  • Fabric plaiting device for fabric storage chamber
  • Fuzzy logic temperature control software
  • Variable loading chamber
  • Heavy duty stainless steel pump, frequncy inverter control
  • Machine body and major wetted parts by dye liquor made of 316 Ti/ 316L
  • Spacious fabric storage chamber capacity up to 400 kg/chamber
  • Low liquor ratio of 1:5.6 thus saves time and energy
  • Main control cabinet with FC30 program controller

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