(High temperature towel dyeing)

The TOWEL-8 is designed for the pre-treatment, dyeing, and after-treatment of high pile terry and towel etc. The circulation system is chosen for an overflow and gentle treatment of the heavy fabric. It is the high temperature version of the towel dyeing machine which can be totally sealed up for the application of vat dye. The nozzle is sized for smooth passing through by the fabric and extensive exchange with the dyeing liquid. Filters are provided at the suction and the delivery line of the circulation system ensures non-stop running of the machine throughout the whole process. Two standard nozzle sizes with a large diameter are available for selection with optional nozzle sizes of smaller diameter to match with a lighter fabric material.
Manufactured by: Fong's National Engineering Co., Ltd., Hong Kong

      Technical Details 
  • Liquor ratio: approx. 1:8
  • Capacity per chamber: from 350-500 kg
  • Suitable fabric weight: 600g/m2 or above
  • Heating gradient: 25ºC ~ 100ºC approx. 5ºC/min 100ºC ~ 130ºC approx. 2.5ºC/min (dry saturated steam pressure at 7 bar)
  • Design temperature: 140ºC
  • Design pressure : 3.5 bar
  • Cooling gradient: 130ºC ~ 100ºC approx. 3ºC/min 100ºC ~ 80ºC approx. 2ºC/min (cooling water at 3 bar, 25ºC)
  •   Key Features 
  • Main control cabinet with FC30 program controller
  • Suitable for high quality towel fabrics
  • Best for dyeing heavy fabrics
  • Machine body and major wetted parts by dye liquor made of 316 Ti/316L
  • Overflow nozzle
  • Heavy duty stainless steel pump, frequency inverter control
  • High efficiency tubular heat exchanger with combined filter compartment
  • Automatic fabric upper tangling release device
  • Fabric is more relaxed
  • Horizontal storage chamber implies less stacking load due to fabric's own weight
  • Twin filter system produces clean fabric surface
  • Piles are retained in its proper shape after treatment
  • Circulation pump is sized for heavy fabric
  • Large nozzle for smooth running of fabric
  • Gives soft touch to the fabric

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