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This is an atmospheric machine with special filters provided in the suction for better removal of fluffs.




(Atmospheric towel dyeing)

JUMBOTOWEL-38 atmospheric towel dyeing machine is the most economical dyeing facility of towel market. Equipped with lint digester, no additional cleaing is required. Specially designed for bulky fabrics like towels, heavy curtains and decorative fabrics for both home textiles and automotive segments.
Manufactured by: Fong's National Engineering Co., Ltd., Hong Kong

      Technical Details 
  • Maximum capacity per chamber: up to 350 kg
  • Suitable fabric weight: 200 ~ 600 g/m2
  • Heating gradient: 25ºC ~ 98ºC approx. 5ºC/min (dry saturated steam pressure at 7 bar)
  • Cooling gradient: 98ºC ~ 80ºC approx. 2.5ºC/min (cooling water at 3 bar, 25ºC)
  • Design temperature: 98ºC
  • Design pressure: atmospheric
  • Liquor ratio: approx. 1:5 ~ 6
  •   Key Features 
  • Automatic fabric upper tangling release device
  • High efficiency tubular heat exchanger with combined filter compartment
  • Overflow nozzle
  • Heavy duty stainless steel pump, frequncy inverter control
  • Machine body and major wetted parts by dye liquor made of 316 Ti/316L
  • Equipped with Lint Digester, no cleaning of the filter needed
  • Highly automatic
  • Useful for both home textiles and automotive fabrics
  • Main control cabinet with FC30 program controller

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