ISOWARP has been proven to run at higher warping and beaming speeds and, in particular, with a substantial simplification of operation, resulting in improved production. Beam to beam reproducibility is guaranteed with KARL MAYER‘s in-built KAMCOS system, which additionally has easy access to the teleservice network for remote support and machine maintenance.
Manufactured by: KARL MAYER Textile Machinery India Private Limited

  • Uniform thread tension
  • High residual elongation
  • Exact thread array
  • No crossed ends
  • No missing ends
  • Produces warps for all the types of fabric qualities i.e. suiting, shirting, linen, sheeting, terry, synthetic, and furnishing applications
  • The reverse rotation of the drum is important in ensuring a perfect warp sheet laying at its winding point onto the drum with maximum levelling effect from the evener roller
  • Maximum operating speed with optimal yarn tension
  • Ensures perfect warp density irrespective of yarn count variations and yarn volume changes
  • Simplified working sequence with ease of operation
  • Optimum warp build-up on the drum with precise positioning of the reed headstock to the cone is achieved automatically and with the highest precision; reed headstock feed movement is followed automatically
  • Uniform cylindrical build-up guaranteed through evener roller
  • Ensures optimal winding density with minimal yarn loading

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