FancySpin fancy yarn and slub system

FancySpin fancy yarn and slub system

A.T.E.'s FancySpin is a fancy yarn slub system that can be easily used with any type of ring frame and open-ended machine to produce slub yarn. Controlled by a servo system and a PLC, the fancy yarn system can produce slub, slub on slub, positive-negative slub, multicount and multitwist effects in a single package.
Manufactured by: A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited, India

  • Can be retrofit on any ring frame, with any drafting system
  • Two ring frames can be driven with a single controller
  • Can produce slubs of multiple diametres and Slub over Slub (SOS)
  • Covers a variety of fancy yarn manufacturing range from normal slubs to the multicount and multitwist yarns for wide range of counts starting from 4 Ne, subject to spinning limits of traveller
  • Can be retrofitted with any drafting system, for any type of ring frames
  • Versatile and flexible; can be used to produce various types of slubs in a singe package
  • Easy switch-over between fancy and normal yarn
  • High reliability with high quality servo motors
  • User-friendly

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