eTuft Robotic Tufting Machine

eTuft Robotic Tufting Machine

This advanced robotic machine is able to handle single orders, mass production running, as well as sampling. Depending on the pile heights (13 - 75 mm), tuft effects (U-tuft Cut Pile, J-tuft Cut Pile and Loop Pile), yarn material, thickness, and number of yarn ends to be tufted, eTuft tufting machines allow manufacturers to produce a wide range of tufted carpets and area rugs. In addition to these, a variety of colours and yarns in type, thickness and material (wool, polyester, nylon, linen, polypropylene, cotton or their blends) enables manufacturers to create fantastic and unique effects.
Manufactured by: EFAB GmbH, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Application range: a robotic equipment to manufacture a range of modern and fashionable tufted carpets and rugs
  • Wide range of yarns like wool, viscose, bamboo, polyester, nylon, linen, cotton, polypropylene and their blends
  •   Key Features 
  • Production throughtput 1 - 6.5 sq m/hr
  • Cut pile height 12 - 75 mm, U tuft or J tuft. Loop pile height 4 - 55 mm
  • Tufting gun speed up to 2000 stitches/minute. Single as well as twisted yarns uses are possible
  • Variable pile height tufting effects
  • Non-stop cut – loop changeover
  • Smart HMI operator interface
  • Advanced and high speed tufting head
  • Rigid mechanical structure for high speed and reliable production
  • Fully compatible with eDesigner carpet/rugs design software
  • Minimum return of investment within one year

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