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Luwa's Dust Separator removes contaminants in the air such as fine dust, smoke, soot, pollen, bacteria, and the like. The Dust Separator is easy to maintain, automatically cleans its filters and has a low consumption of compressed air.


Dust Separator

Dust Separator

Luwa's Dust Separator is an automatic dust separator system which removes dust and fibres, and discharges and compacts the waste as well. The unit requires no maintenance at all as it has automatic cleaning mechanism and very small waste discharge.
Manufactured by: Luwa India Private Limited, India

      Technical Details 
  • Application: for textiles and nonwovens
  • Raw material: cotton, blends, synthetics
  •   Key Features 
  • Dust is separated using air cyclone
  • The filter cartridges charged with dust are automatically blown off
  • Waste is automatically conveyed to a disposal station
  • Waste is compacted by a worm shaft which is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Low space requirement
  • Low consumption of compressed air
  • Automatic discharge of waste
  • Smaller waste volume
  • No dust emission

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