Drum Type Sueding Machine

Drum Type Sueding Machine

The brushing/sueding machine SUPERBrush is a drum type brush sueding machine, available with abrasive brushes in ceramic or silicon carbide. The machine is equipped with 6 abrasive brushes, independently driven by 6 AC motors with power supply by inverters and is controlled by PLC with touch screen. The brushes have an increased diameter and an higher angle of contact with the fabric to give longer life of the brushes and increased production. The high quality of process is guaranteed by an advanced system for the control of fabric tension, managed by load cells that allow automatic control and constant monitoring of the fabric tension. The memorization of all the processing parameter in the memory of the machine allows repeatability of the effect. The fabric is kept well enlarged inside the machine by means of decurling rollers and expanding bars placed in various points of the machine. A special dust suction system allows to keep the brushes clean and to remove promptly the micro powder generated during the processing. The seams jumping system is very efficient and does not allow any fabric waste at the passage of the seams. The use of standard electronic components and an advanced troubleshooting system by modem allows a safe operation of the machine. 
Manufactured by: Danti Paolo E. C. SRL, Italy

  • 6 abrasive brushes of larger diameter
  • Automatic seams jump
  • Load cells control of fabric tension
  • Easy to use
  • Independent control of each of the 6 units
  • Very precise control of fabric tension
  • Low maintenance
  • High production
  • Reduced fabric waste at seams passage
  • High productivity

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