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KARL MAYER creels ensure gentle handling of high tension levels, maximum efficiency, and top quality.


Creel for Spun and Filament Yarns

Creel for Spun and Filament Yarns

The Creel is an integral part of warping machine which holds a number of yarn bobbins to produce beams. KARL MAYER's world-renowned creels are available for all type of yarns for all applications.
Manufactured by:  KARL MAYER, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Raw material: cotton, regenerated, synthetic, wool, and their blends
  •   Key Features 
  • Automatic pre-tentioner ensures controlled warp tension
  • Parallel creel available with choice of yarn tensioners
  • Short reaction time
  • Balloon limiters
  • Easy threading and touch free monitory of the ends
  • V-creel for direct warping of fine and coarse spun yarns
  • V-creels help reduce friction points during unwinding yarn from the creel
  • Automatic pretensioner prevents snarling at machine start
  • Easy threading in system ensures less downtimes
  • V-creels enables running machine at high speed (up to 1200 m/min)

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