ComboData DXT

ComboData DXT

(Computerised lea count and single yarn strength tester)

The ergonomically designed ComboData DXT is a computerised lea count and single yarn strength tester that operates on the standard CRE (Constant Rate of Extension) principal, and guarantees accurate results that are repeatable. The ComboData DXT also allows searches and reports to be catergorised by date, count, lot, or shift, thus enabling easy referencing and quick data retrieval.
Manufactured by: MAG Solvics Private Limited, India

      Key Features 
  • Single yarn strength - selectable force unit : gf, kgf, lbf, Nf and cN; selectable elongation unit : mm, inch and percentage; selectable RKM unit : g/tex and cN/tex.
  • Computer connectivity port for data manipulation and presentation
  • Lea strength - selectable force unit : kgf, lbf and Nf; selectable elongation unit : mm, inch and percentage
  • Operating under standard CRE (Constant Rate of Extension) principle
  • Determine the peak breaking force and elongation of yarn in skein form (Lea) having 1.5 yards girth and tensile properties of monofilament and spun yarns, either in single, plied or cabled form (software with computer system is necessary)
  • Printing in vertical or horizontal formats
  • Rugged floor model with double column mechanism; ergonomically designed
  • Searches and reports can be catergorised by: date, month, count, lot, and shift
  • Built-in self-diagnostic test facility
  • Frequency drive based drive unit with positive gearing mechanism for trouble-free operation
  • Automatic and quick returning of lower jaw to home position after completion of each test

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