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Sellers' carpet shearing and trimming machine are versatile machines that combine a unique design with advanced control technology to enable shearing of all carpet types, thus greatly enhancing the value of the final product.


Carpet shearing and trimming machine

Carpet shearing and trimming machine

Sellers' carpet shearing and trimming machine features a completely modular construction. Sellers' state-of-the-art control systems coupled with top-notch high speed performance ensures a superior quality product. Easy to maintain, this carpet shearing and trimming machine has a comprehensive range of options that makes it suitable for shearing of all types of carpets.
Manufactured by: Sellers Textile Engineers Limited, UK

  • Totally modular construction
  • Multi-head formats
  • Comprehensive range of options
  • Metered control to prevent carpet staining and prolong blade life by auto lubrication system
  • Integrated inverter drives and transducers provides precision tension control
  • Full extraction on cylinders and brushes ensures optimum carpet and machine cleaning
  • Excellent performance at high speed
  • Assured quality on all type of carpets
  • Simple to maintain

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