Goller - CADENA is engineered specifically for mercerising of cellulosic fibre knitted fabric in combined chain and chainless and continuous open-width form.


CADENA Mercerising Range

CADENA Mercerising Range

(Combined Chain and Chainless Mercerising)

The Goller - CADENA is a highly effective mercerising range for cellulosic fibre knitted fabric. The CADENA provides very efficient impregnation with an optimal level of lustre for the fabric. This hi-tech mercerising range enables dyestuff saving in downstream dyeing processes. Automatic control for lye concentration ensures low consumption of lye.
Manufactured by: Goller (HK) Limited

      Key Features 
  • Low tension fabric transport
  • Optimal level of lustre
  • Smooth fabric surface (anti-pilling)
  • Automatic control for lye concentration and temperature
  • Dyestuff saving in subsequent dyeing process
  • Highly effective and efficient impregnation
  • Low consumption of lye
  • Low energy consumption
  • MULTIDATA - high reproducibility

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