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The Goller Continuous Bleaching Range is specifically designed for bleaching of cellulosic fibre knitted fabric in continuous open-width form.


Goller Continuous Bleaching Range

Goller Continuous Bleaching Range

(Continuous open width range for knitted fabrics)

The Complexa steamer for scouring and bleaching of the knitted fabrics has a modular configuration with high quality components that give the highest degree of whiteness and absorbancy. Many parameters like temperature, water flow, etc. can be controlled depending on the fabric width. It removes all kinds of seeds and other impurities without much damage to the material.
Manufactured by: Goller Textilmaschinen (HK) Limited, Hong Kong

      Key Features 
  • Low tension fabric transport
  • Fabric evenly heated by saturated steam
  • Designed for dyeing in chromatic colours
  • Creese mark-free bleaching process
  • Smooth fabric surface (anti-pilling)
  • Fine and soft handling
  • High degree of permeability and hygroscopicity
  • High degree of whiteness (80 Berger or above)
  • Even bleaching effect (left, middle, and right)
  • MULTIDATA - high reproducibility
  • Low energy consumption

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