Wefttronic II G

Wefttronic II G

(High-performance warp-knitting machine with course-oriented weft-insertion for production of grid structures using polyester and glass)

KARL MAYER's Wefttronic II G is a high production machine that manufactures grid structures for civil engineering purposes. Wefttronic II G produces technical textiles that contribute to considerably lower costs and environmental pollution and save up to 70% concrete! In addition to this, the Wefttronic II G helps reduce carbon emissions, energy as well as component weight.
Manufactured by: KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH, Germany

      Key Features 
  • Output up to 2000 m²/h
  • Manufactured fabrics have high tensile strength due to stretched threads
  • Optimised handling of brittle-yarn materials
  • Yarn laying carriage with 1/3" chain division and 36 yarns, 1/2" chain divison and 30 yarns
  • Up to two guide bars – max. 32" flange diameter for warp beams
  • One bar for filler threads – max. 40" diameter for warp beams
  • Two separately driven three-roller systems
  • Versatile machine; can serve different markets
  • High productivity due to working width of up to 6.8 m
  • Reduced weft yarn waste
  • Different machine widths available for economic production
  • High efficiency due to long running lengths from creels
  • Lower material costs due to the use of rovings
  • Less manpower required
  • Less space required

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