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Single jersey 4 or 6 colour autostripers with or without jacquard for knitting repeatless size of horizontal stripes with or without pattern.


TXF SJ 4 colour/6 colour auto striper single jersey machine

TXF SJ 4 colour/6 colour auto striper single jersey machine

These are single jersey machines with a cam box design that can receive up to 4 cam tracks on a cylinder. Equipped with a computerised colour actuator system, these machines have a centralised stitch system and stand-type striper.
Manufactured by: Quanzhou Jingmei Machine Co. Ltd., China

  • Thermally balanced machine frame
  • Special feeding units for auto striper
  • Cams are dynamically optimised and precisely machined
  • Precise electro-mechanical synchronisation
  • Precise computer controlled actuator system
  • High speed machine; runs without vibration
  • Low maintenance
  • Long term and repeatable quality of fabric production
  • Easy operation
  • Produces high quality striper fabrics

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