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The Truetzschler Twin Top System ensures an even card sliver, thus helping improve card clothing longevity, overall efficiency, effectiveness of spinning machines and reducing wastage of resources.


Twin Top System for Truetzschler Cards

Twin Top System for Truetzschler Cards

Carding is characterized by opening and cleaning of the fibres, which makes it an essential process of textile manufacturing. To achieve this optimally, carding accessories should be stable and durable enough to handle the fibres efficiently without doing any damage to any of the resources. Perfect card sliver evenness must be achieved for process efficiency. The Twin Top System for Truetzschler cards does just that.
Manufactured by: Truetzschler India Private Limited, India

      Key Features 
  • Two stationary flats per cassette
  • More numbers of stationary flats per carding machine
  • Suitable for DK 740, DK 760, DK 800 cards
  • Better opening and cleaning of fibre
  • Significant improvement in yarn classimat faults and imperfection values
  • Drop in short fibre content in card sliver
  • Enhanced card clothing life

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