TC 12

TC 12

(High speed card)

The Truetzschler TC 10 card was launched in 2016 – and there are now several thousands of these cards running in India. Within just five years, the TC 10 has captured the hearts of spinners across this important market with its unique range of value-adding features. The TC 10's successor, the TC 12, is a next-generation card that offers exciting opportunities for spinners to further boost their quality, productivity and efficiency. The TC 12 was created as a part of Truetzschler’s constant focus on state-of-the-art technologies to solve key challenges for the textile industry. Carding machines require a lot of care in order to keep delivering outstanding quality at high rates of productivity. For example, settings need to be maintained and regular maintenance is necessary. These tasks are time-consuming and need a highly skilled operator. The TC 12 requires reduced operator interference and maximises availability.
Manufactured by: Truetzschler India Private Limited, India

      Key Features 
  • Redesigned licker-in zone: New cleaning elements below the licker-in offer a combing bar and a precision mote knife system that enable controlled extraction of trash with minimum lint loss
  • New 8-point settings for flexible bends: The TC 12 features eight flexible bends, which enables more precise basic settings between flat tops and cylinder. This basic setting is installed by our specialists and never requires any further readjustments, even during wire changes or maintenance
  • T-LED: A next-generation display on the TC 12 card uses the latest LED technology, which makes it visible to the operator even from far away. It displays a visualisation of operating parameters to enable operators to avoid malfunctions and reduce downtime
  • Improved precision flat setting (PFS) system: A new PFS system empowers spinners with a setting range of 40/1000 inch instead of 8/1000 inch. This will enables all required operations without altering the basic settings of the card New web doffing and sliver forming: The improved web doffing offers several benefits. The card is equipped with transverse sliver take-off, with a pair of maintenance-free belts. This enables better control when collecting web at high speed
  • Disc Monitor: The TC 12 includes a sensor called the Disc Monitor. It was designed for quality monitoring in draw frames with a delivery speed up to 1,000 meters per minute
  • It ensures stable levelling behaviour and quality monitoring, while also cutting the operating cost of the card by reducing compressed air consumption by 90 percent
  • New can change coiler: A new and more compact can changer system offers can changing speeds of up to 300 meters per minute. It is delivered as a pre-assembled unit, which enables fast installation, and is available at 1,000 mm diameter and a height of up to 1,500 mm
  • TC-WCT Waste Control System (optional): This proven system in the blow room is now also part of the TC 12 card, optimising carding waste in the licker-in zone. Customers can use a touchscreen to choose between economy, intensity, and balance mode. The system can increase raw material yield and minimise waste by up to 2 percent
  • T-Move 2 with Jumbo Can (optional): The T-Move 2 system further enhances the can filling capacity of the existing Jumbo Can with 1,200 mm can diameter. After each can rotation, the coiler head shifts its position by a few centimetres – so that the first layer of card sliver is fed into the can, and then the second layer is fed in 4 cm from the can’s rim. As a result, the sliver is deposited in a way that creates less mounting of material at the core hole, which reduces pressure on the sliver and improves coiling quality. Highest can capacity with T-MOVE 2: up to 15% more sliver content due to new filling function
  • Magnotop (optional): The Magnotop system further simplifies the operation and maintenance of the flat system, while improving yarn quality by increasing precision. No investments are required for a flat workshop, and operational costs are lower
  • Solution for recycling applications: effective, but gentle opening and cleaning through new WEBFEED design
  • Piecing device
  • High quality and productivity through high precision carding gap device (PFS 40)
  • Low maintenance and high reliability at high speeds
  • Easy and intuitive operation through state of-the-art SMART TOUCH
  • Up to 2% savings of good fibres with WCT
  • Highest can capacity with T-MOVE 2: Up to 15 percent more sliver content due to new filling function T-MOVE 2
  • New web take off for high reliability at higher speeds and for processing short fibres

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