T-con conversion

T-con conversion

(Electronic gauge for carding machines)

Setting up a T-con optimiser in the carding machine gives the manufacturer a computerised system control. This improves the efficiency of the overall process and reduces imperfections up to 10% as anomalies in the card sliver can be minimized. The distances of the carding elements to each other are the most important settings at the card. They significantly influence the carding and therefore the yarn quality. The setting is made on the standing, i.e. relatively cold machine. The results appear on the card display and indicate which settings can be improved. There is no easier way to accomplish perfect card settings and thus optimal productivity.
Manufactured by: Truetzschler India Private Limited, India

      Key Features 
  • Application Range: Carding
  • Electronic feeler gauge for contact monitoring and distance optimisation
  • Precise computerised system control
  • Reduces imperfections by up to 10%
  • Increased safety for carding machine
  • Optimised production
  • Uniform quality

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