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Luwa Rotary Pre-Filter unit (RPF) gives unsurpassed waste separation by efficiently sorting the recyclable material (good fibres) from the non-recyclable material (dust, dirt, etc.).


Rotary Pre-Filter Unit (RPF)

Rotary Pre-Filter Unit (RPF)

Once all the waste is separated from the good fibres, it is necessary to segregate the reusable and non-reusable waste as well. Non-reusable waste is separated out with the automatic rotary pre-filter unit, which can then be disposed off correctly so as not to harm the environment and surroundings in any way.
Manufactured by: Luwa India Private Limited, India

      Technical Details 
  • Application range: filter for spunlace, needle punch non-woven lines
  •   Key Features 
  • Simple installation
  • Small space required
  • Efficient cleaning of the air
  • Suitable for high negative pressures (up to approximate 3000 pascals)
  • Simple monitoring and easy access for control and maintenance

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