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The heart of the PROSIZE® sizing machine are two size boxes type HSB and VSB which integrate with a patented size application system that enables highest process quality, using the minimum size liquor volume.


PROSIZE® Sizing Machine

PROSIZE® Sizing Machine

(Breakthrough in sizing)

The innovative KARL MAYER PROSIZE® sizing machine guarantees a uniform controlled size layer application and careful yarn treatment coupled with reduction of sewage water and higher speed and productivity. The PROSIZE® is designed to offer maximum productivity and flexibility when setting the yarn density.
Manufactured by: KARL MAYER, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Application range: shirting, bottom weights, worsted, silk, home textiles, and apparels
  •   Key Features 
  • Machine speed: up to 160 or 200 metres per minute
  • Size boxes type HSB and VSB with patented size application system
  • No-immersion unit equipped with 3 high turbulence and uniform application zones with spray bar technology and final application/squeezing roller
  • Enables highest process quality, using the minimum size liquor volume
  • Better yarn coverage, improved denim quality
  • Greater uniformity in sizing, better efficiency in weaving
  • Lower yarn coverage, increased speed in terry production
  • Broader yarn coverage, increased productivity when producing home textiles
  • Fewer rejects in the event of stoppages, fewer losses in shirt production
  • Small bath volumes, lower costs, reduced environmental impact, and less splashing

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