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With decisive design advantages the NIPCO® Technology, for individual calendar nips, offers customised solutions for textile finishing and technical textiles manufactured by Guarneri Technology s.r.l., Italy. The NIPCO® L configuration allows the manufacturer to select effects such as high glazing, density control and other sales requirements in one calendar combined.


NIPCO® L Calendar

NIPCO® L Calendar

The hydrostatic support elements of the NIPCO® L system are independently arranged in a 90° configuration, one active against a steel bowl, one active against a cotton bowl. Only the original NIPCO® L calendar controls two pressure lines completely independent based on patented development of the 80s.
Manufactured by: Guarneri Technology s.r.l., Italy

      Technical Details 
  • 3 bowl calender
  • Steel/NIPCO®l/cotton
  • Cotton bowl dia - 750 mm, RACOLON® sleeve dia - 500mm
  • Operating pressure 50-300 N/mm
  • Raw material: cotton/cotton blends
  •   Key Features 
  • Calender pressure adjustable according to fabric width
  • Soft and lusture feel to the fabric

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